Google Virtual Tours

We create high resolution Google Street View Tours

OWL VR is a trusted Google Street View photographer, meaning that we can shoot and upload 360 degree virtual tours to Google Maps for your business and you can be confident of the results.

Market your premises to potential customers by adding your location to Google Street View. If you would like to improve or update the Street View of your property or business, or if you haven’t been visited by the Google Street View car and would like to be added to the map please get in touch. Street Views by OWL VR have already achieved over 1 million views and this number grows every day.

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What is Street View?

Street View is a series of 360˚ photographs attached to Google Maps. They can be inside or outside your premises. Creating your own indoor Street View enhances your business listing and means that people searching for your business using Google Maps can drag ‘pegman’ onto the map and enter your location as if they were there in person. Listings on Google sometimes say ‘Look Inside’ and Google refers to the panoramas we create as ‘Indoor Street View’.  As a Street View trusted photographer we come to your premises, take photographs and stitch them together, creating a virtual tour. Visitors can see your photos on Google Maps, and we give you a code so that you can embed the tour on your website.


* We DO NOT add your details to a mailing list or resell your data to anyone.

Street View FAQs

How Much Does It Cost?

A smaller venue is quicker to photograph and will require less work than a larger location and pricing reflects this. Prices start at £199. We offer a fully inclusive service which covers a visit by our photographer, photo panorama stitching, digital tripod removal and upload to Google Maps. We also link together panoramas for you to create a ‘tour’ where visitors can click between locations.

Can I Share The Cost With My Neighbours?

If you can persuade nearby businesses to have a tour shot at the same time as you, we offer special rates. Tours work best when a whole street, or area is photographed and processed by the same photographer as we can link up the tours and viewers can click to walk between them. Having an up to date Street View is good for all businesses in the area.

Can I Use Indoor Street View On My Own Website?

Yes, absolutely. Your tour is hosted by Google and can be embedded into your own website.

On a mobile device, open in Maps app:

What Google Says:

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.

Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.


Example Google Tour

How Long Did Photography Take?

This venue was captured in a morning. The client prepared the spaces ready for us and we timed our visit to be the least disruptive to business.

How Do Levels Work?

We link together the images to create a tour that navigates the same way that you would in real life. Select the example here and choose to go into the theatre, or down into the events space. We also captured offices and other areas in the venue on different floors.

Where Is This Tour Used?

This tour is used on the clients website showing different areas around the building. The link each page on their site to a specific point in the tour, but viewers can navigate around where they choose.

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