Short Drama

Completed in Spring 2016 ‘New Reality’ is a 360 degree drama shot with a traditional filmmaking ethos with an extremely talented cast and crew including Matthew Postlethwaite (Peaky Blinders) and Kate Marie Davies (Knights of the Damned). As a groundbreaking piece of experimental filmmaking several obstacles were overcome to acquire a fully lit, stereoscopic image with binaural sound. Computer generated images were composited into a true virtual reality environment for the final presentation and a 2D cut is being entered into 360 film festivals. Below is a 2D 360˚ version with an original soundtrack by Hans Hess.

To screen this film in your festival, or include on your 360˚platform please contact us using the form.

Best viewed using a headset

demoviewerOn mobile use a google cardboard viewer and a good streaming version is available via the littlstar app.

New Reality Short Film by OWL VR

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