About OWL VR

What Does OWL VR Do?

Owl VR produces 360 degree photographic tours, and 360˚ video experiences. Our photographic tours help buinesses and venues showcase their space on Google Maps and the web. Our video content creates compelling experiences in VR headsets and can also be viewed on flat screens plus shared on YouTube and Facebook.

Virtual Tour Photographer

Virtual Tour Photographer

Why Choose OWL VR


  • We use dedicated 360 cameras to capture a space at high resolution, and have developed techniques to show spaces at their best.
  • We retouch and photoshop files to remove the tripod and any elements that are difficult to remove when photographing.
  • We have NO ONGOING FEES for 360 photography.



Virtual Reality and 360 video is an evolving field. Virtual reality video companies create 360 content for both headsets and online video services such as YouTube in up to 8K. We are cutting edge 360 VR video experts. We take a bespoke approach to each project. We may need to create a camera rig, adapt one of our many in house bespoke setups, or we may need to combine live action and computer generated elements to get the best result for your aims and to meet your goals. Click here for 360˚ video production service details.

Audio is a key factor in creating the BEST immersive experience and so our new rigs include ambisonic sound – capturing the sound from all directions, and generating an advanced mix to deliver realistic audio.

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