LIVE 360 VR Video

OWL VR are now offering LIVE 360VR Video.

If you are looking to live stream an event or performance contact us today. We have been creating pre-recorded 360 degree video since 2016, and now from October 2017,  we will be offering LIVE video, with LIVE stitching.  OWL VR have the experience, skills and technology to create cutting edge 360 video content in a professional friendly manner.

Your LIVE video can also be recorded, and combined together to form a VR experience after the event.

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OWL VR will provide the player and everything you need to host the live video. You will need to provide an internet connection at the event or performance with a stable 50MB/s upload speed.

"The power of VR is that it gives the viewer a unique sense of empathetic connection to people and events."
- Jake Silverstein, Editor-in-chief - New York Times Magazine

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