360 Video Camera Hire

If you a video production company or agency and have been asked to provide 360˚ video or a virtual reality experience, OWL VR can help you deliver great results. We are 360˚ video experts and have the skills and technology to offer a full production video service, professional 360˚ camera hire, or 360˚ camera hire with an operator (‘wet’ hire).

We can provide stitched files on the shoot day – or post produce files and digitally deliver them at resolutions up to 8k.

Our wet hire includes full LIVE video monitoring so you can preview what the result will look like in a Virtual Reality environment before turning over – something not possible with semi-professional GoPro rigs.

We can deliver video in monoscopic (2D) or stereoscopic (3D).

VR Camera Hire Rates

  • Up to 8k camera hire
  • GoPro rig hire Freedom 360 OWL Custom, Omni & iZugar
  • Professional 8k 360 camera hire
  • Wet hire (Camera + Operator)
  • Camera & grips including VR buggy
  • Camera and Larger Crew
    (Rates on request)
VR Camera Hire Professional

360˚ Camera Hire (Dry Hire)

Camera only. Hire from only one day. 4K – 8K Professional resolution.

360 Video Camera Hire 1

360˚ Camera Wet Hire

Your VR Camera department – you produce the shoot and hire our cameras, grips and camera team.

360 Video Camera Hire 2

VR Film Production

We can devise a scripted, pre-planned concept and fully produce stereoscopic 360˚ commercials or films.

"Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming."

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